Cool Weirdness at Silence Without

Australia writer Tessa Kum has been posting really cool images at her Silence Without blog. Also, some nice book reviews below the latest stuff. Go check it out.



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    “writer”? Lies and slander, foolish mortal! You take that back. I shall consider your doom while I go proof a story about giant crabs.

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    I remember some time years ago that my wife called me at work (this was when I was working evenings at the psychiatric hospital) ranting about the giant disgusting “sea roaches” she saw on television.

    She loathes bugs of any sort, and was quite agitated to realize she shared the planet with these creatures for which she knew no proper name.

    Ever since then, I’ve often wondered what those “sea roaches” were. I believe that this question has been resolved.

    I love ’em, myself. Very cool. I need to turn the guest tub into an isopod habitat now.