The Grotto: Alabamy Outsider Art…with Lizard Condo

(Was this lizard condo blasphemously added after the monk’s death?)

Besides the Mall of Unclaimed Luggage in Boaz, which is now, sadly, closed down, one of the coolest things in Alabama is The Grotto. Created by Brother Joseph Zoettl, a Benedictine monk,The Grotto consists of replicas of famous buildings and cities along with intensely insane and whimsical original creations.

Recently, Ann and I visited The Grotto and took some photos. You can see some of them under the cut and also see the whole set on our Flickr account.

…Although I’m pretty sure this first one, a chipmunk crossing, was also added post-monk…


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    Great pics! Mike Bishop’s Polyphony 3 story “The Road Leads Back” is set in the Grotto (and on the road to the Grotto from Georgia). He does a great job capturing the cool strangeness of the place.

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    It always surprises me how the most bizarre stuff can be right down the road and you’d never know it unless you happened down that way.

    I had never even heard of this place – now I may have to make a drive out there before I leave this part of the country.