Giant Squid Hoodie

A giant squid hoodie. (Thanks Brian L for the link.)

I think I might need one of these. Or sew myself one. On a freelancer’s salary, not sure it’s a wise investment.


  1. Nicole Kornher-Stace says

    Hey Jeff,

    Off-topicly .. my contributor’s copies of BAF arrived just now. They’re gorgeous. They smell tasty. I am arse-over-end in love with the cover art. (And they were in wrapping paper. Really nifty wrapping paper. Which made me smile.) And now I have to do my errands at ninety miles a minute so I can get back and have me a lazy reading afternoon.

    On-topicly .. I had a dream with a giant squid in it the other day. To my shame, I haven’t yet gotten my hands on any of your fiction, so I don’t know where the squids are lurking, but I’ve read enough of your blog posts that it made me think of you. :)

  2. says

    Jeff, you live by the ocean, go down and get a live one (or recently alive) to put on your hoodie. I mean, it’s got street cred all over it. The printed hoodie is just for posers. :)

  3. Jake says

    I think the question isn’t, “Can you afford it?” but rather, “Can you afford not to have it?”