Black Rebel Motorcycle Club–Baby 81

I’ve liked Black Rebel Motorcycle Club from the beginning. Their thick guitar sound, slow riffs and progressions, and explosive crescendos were perfect for writing to. Howl might’ve been a break from their previous sound, with its blues and gospel influences, but it wasn’t as clean a break as a lot of reviewers thought.

For their new CD, Baby 81, they’ve gone back to the sound of their first two CDs, but added a few almost Beatlesque touches in their melodies. The production is less deliberately muddy than their first two CDs as well, which creates a slightly different texture. The result is another great CD. Nothing that’s going to convince non-believers, but an excellent CD that rewards repeated listening.

Here’s a video from the CD.



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    Hi Jeff,

    I agree, I think it’s a great album. And while Howl did differ from its predecessors in some ways, I think there was still a continuity of sound… that psychadelic Beatles-esque sound has always been in the background of their work, I reckon, even if it has often been less prevalent in some of their more publicly successful songs…

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    The band Wolf & Cub is worth checking out. They have a BRMC sound at times. The songs “Kingdom” and “This Mess” on their CD “Vesseles” are great. At least I think so.