Headed to Seattle

I won’t be posting again until Monday, but please do continue to use this space to promote your own work or projects.

Hope to see some of you at Bumbershoot.


SFWA Stupidity

This is another example of why I won’t join SFWA. I’m not as radical as Cory about copyright, and disagree with him on some things related to it, but this was clearly a bone-headed move by SFWA.

I have a lot of respect for, and am friends with many of, the individual writers who comprise SFWA. But the actions of SFWA as an organization sometimes stun me. And don’t get me started on the Nebula Awards…


Asimov’s Anthology

My short piece on Amazon about the Asimov’s 30th Anniversary antho from Tachyon. (Should be the first entry at this link.)

I made my first professional sale to Asimov’s, “Mahout,” and I remember current editor Sheila Williams being very kind to me well before I’d had any books out, taking me and Ann to breakfast at a World Fantasy Con in Georgia.


Zeroville Excerpt: Each Scene Is In All Times…

…and all your base belong to me…

I love this “chapter” from Zeroville, the new Steve Erickson novel, out in November. Overall, the book is more accessible (in a good way, although I love his other stuff) than most of his work, but there’s a price for this: when it goes batshit crazy at the end, I just didn’t buy it.


Each scene is in all times, Vikar tells himself, and all times are in each scene. Each shot, each set-up, each sequence is in all times, all times are in each shot, each set-up, each sequence. The scenes of a movie can be shot out of sequence not because it’s more convenient, but because all the scenes of a movie are really happening at the same time. No scene really leads to the next, all scenes lead to each other. No scene is really shot “out of order.” It’s a false concern that a scene must anticipate another that follows, even if it’s not been shot yet, or that a scene must reflect a scene that precedes it, even if it’s not been shot yet, because all scenes anticipate and reflect each other. Scenes reflect what has not yet happened, scenes anticipate what already has happened. Scenes that have not yet happened, have. “Continuity” is one of the myths of film; in film, time is round, like a reel. Fuck, as Dotty would say, continuity.

On to Mormeck and Predator!

Finally finished The Goat Variations, excerpt below. Now it’s on to Mormeck, my first ever zombie story…in a way. Yes, in my old age and senile decreptitude I’m selling out by doing the ever-popular zombies. Kinda. Heh.


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Got Anything to Plug?

I’ve got a story deadline and won’t be posting today, so please feel free to use this opportunity to tell us about what you’re up to.

Interviews with Christopher Barzak and Paul Di Filippo upcoming. Yep, that’s right: the walk-the-plank interviews are back…


BBC Featuring “New Face In Hell”

Imagine my surprise to stumble upon my “New Face in Hell” story from the Perverted by Language Fall antho on the internet, on the BBC Collective website. Seeing as it also has an audio file of the Fall’s “New Face in Hell Song,” I thought I’d blog about it. Note that no mechanical ducks feature in the song’s lyrics.

Unfinished stories

Following off of this, here are recent first lines from unfinished stories of mine. Feel free to add your own in the comments area.


Mandingo stood as tall as a penguin could and spat at the knees of his oppressors.

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Long Story Titles–A Game for Young Turks?

Maybe it’s just me, but as I’ve gotten older, my story titles have gotten shorter. It could be I just get tired a lot faster, being ancient and all. Or it could be that I’m finding a certain resonant quality in shorter titles.

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