Tiki Golf!

My friend Charles Goran has combined three great subcultures: the world of tiki, the world of mini-golf, and the world of video games. The result? Tiki Golf, which you should definitely check out.

And here’s the full press release…


New York — Thursday July 12, 2007 — Freeverse and Mondo Robot are pleased to announce the immediate release of Tiki Magic Mini Golf for the Mac; a gorgeously rendered, fully 3D, Tiki Golfing extravaganza!

Sink putts and collect special gem bonuses on three challenging courses; the tropical paradise of Lono’s Lagoon, the mysterious Lost Temple, and the volcano heart of Fire Mountain! You can play solo, or against up to five friends for the full tiki party experience. Tiki Magic features “Sweet Shot” replays, an awesome soundtrack, emotive totem masks, and a few crazy powerups just to keep things interesting.

Ian Lynch Smith, President of Freeverse said, “We’re very pleased to be publishing Mondo Robot’s beautiful new mini golf game. Tiki Magic really showcases the next generation of ‘made on Mac’ games. Plus, it’s totally fun, even if I can’t sink a putt to save my life!”

Tiki Magic Mini Golf is priced at $29.95. More information and a fully playable demo are available at Freeverse.com. System requirements include OS X 10.3.9 or later and a 32MB graphics card, (Intel GMA 950 chipsets in MacBooks are also supported).

Tiki Magic Mini Golf homepage.

Tiki Magic Mini Golf was developed by Mondo Robot using the Unity development tool.


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