New Weird Contest–updated rules

You can take a look at the New Weird excerpt contest here. Since it is actually Very Difficult–and I’m not kidding–let’s do a “re-set”. Still the same deadline, but below find 12 writers who are in the NW anthology. Nine of them are represented in the samples. Anyone who guessed before can now guess again (one time), and if you haven’t guessed, feel free with this new info in hand.


In no particular order:

Leena Krohn
Michael Moorcock
China Mieville
Jeffrey Ford
Alistair Rennie
Sarah Monette
Hal Duncan
K.J. Bishop
Jay Lake
Brian Evenson
Paul Di Filippo
Jeffrey Thomas


  1. says

    I haven’t read stuff by everyone on the list, so …. anyhow:

    1 – Filippo
    2 – Ford
    3 – Mieville
    4 – Duncan
    5 – Bishop
    6 – Thomas
    7 – Lake
    8 – Rennie
    9 – Moorcock

  2. Glen Hewson says

    Same here Brendan. I like your Filippo guess- the excerpt does suggest one of his crazy ideas.
    1. Filippo
    2. Bishop
    3. Duncan (I’m pretty sure he’s not in here at all, but better the devil I know)
    4. Lake
    5. Moorcock
    6. Mieville
    7. Ford
    8. Krohn
    9. Monette (I don’t know anyone who writes like that, therefore…)

    Strangely I’m much less confident about this set of guesses and my last lot were all wrong.

  3. Susan Loyal says

    I’m not sure why I’m doing this, since I feel certain that I’m likely to be wrongedy wrong wrong. Here goes: no guess at all for the first two.

    3. Paul Di Filippo
    4. Jay Lake
    5. K. J. Bishop
    6. China Mieville
    7. Jeffrey Ford
    8. Sarah Monette
    9. Hal Duncan

    Susan Loyal

  4. says

    I’m a bit confused. We just have to guess which of the 9 (of 12 listed) are represented in the samples?

    We no longer have to attach a name to an excerpt?

  5. says

    Just move my guess to here:

    #1: Alastair Rennie
    #2: Michael Moorcock
    #3: Hal Duncan
    #4: K. J. Bishop
    #5: Paul Di Filippo
    #6: Jeffrey Thomas
    #7: Jeffrey Ford
    #8: Leena Krohn
    #9: Sarah Monette

    Still have no idea even with the clues, that means i have to try hard to catch up with books i bought.

  6. Oliver Kotowski says

    Let’s see:

    #1. Paul Di Filippo
    #2. China Miéville
    #3. Michael Moorcock
    #4. Sarah Monette
    #5. Jay Lake
    #6. Jeffrey Ford
    #7. K.J. Bishop
    #8. Leena Krohn
    #9. Brian Evenson

    Some wild guesses.

  7. says

    you have 12 authors to choose from. and you have to guess which nine, in the right slots. all that’s changed is that i’ve narrowed it down for you.

  8. says

    Actually, if I had to make one guess it would be 5 for Bishop. But a lot of the people in the list are quite capable of shifting styles, so it is hard.

  9. Tor says

    #1. Di Filippo
    #2. Moorcock
    #3. Duncan
    #4. Lake
    #5. Bishop
    #6. Mieville
    #7. Ford
    #8. Krohn
    #9. Monette

  10. Tor says

    Oops – posted the wrong list. This is the one I meant. Sorry! :)

    #1. Di Filippo
    #2. Moorcock
    #3. Duncan
    #4. Lake
    #5. Evenson
    #6. Mieville
    #7. Ford
    #8. Krohn
    #9. Bishop

  11. Tor says

    Tor (keeping my identity hidden from the internets) Christensen

    Only three? I was convinced you were going to tell me that I got them all right, and how did I do that without inside info?


  12. says

    Well, a lot of blind guessing (or half-blind at least), but here’s a shot:

    1 Evenson
    2 Duncan
    3 Lake
    4 Monette
    5 Moorcock
    6 Di Filippo
    7 Ford
    8 Krohn
    9 Bishop

  13. Cindy Chen says

    Here are my guesses:

    1. Lake
    2. Moorcock
    3. Duncan
    4. Monette
    5. Mieville
    6. Evenson
    7. Ford
    8. Krohn
    9. Bishop

    Cindy Chen

  14. Tor Christensen says

    Quick question – Tuesday August 1 is listed as the deadline. Is that midnight tonight, or midnight tomorrow night? Because Tuesday happens to be July 31…

    Also, am I still in first?

  15. April Lott says

    1. Jay Lake
    2. Michael Moorcock
    3. Leena Krohn
    4. K.J. Bishop
    5. China Mieville
    6. Paul Di Filippo
    7. Jeffrey Ford
    8. Brian Evenson
    9. Sarah Monette

  16. says

    Ah, jeez. I could guess forever. Might as well punt now.

    1. Michael Moorcock
    2. Jay Lake
    3. Hal Duncan
    4. Sarah Monette
    5. Brian Evenson
    6. China Mieville
    7. Jeffrey Ford
    8. Leena Krohn
    9. K. J. Bishop

  17. says

    1. Michael Moorcock
    2. China Mieville
    3. Hal Duncan
    4. Paul Di Filippo
    5. Jeffrey Thomas
    6. Sarah Monette
    7. Jeffrey Ford
    8. Leena Krohn
    9. K.J. Bishop


  18. says

    Since we’re in the home stretch, I won’t be commenting on any of your guesses from this point forward.

    To sweeten the pot, I’ll throw in a trade paper Shriek (US Tor), a copy of Leena Krohn’s Tainaron, and whatever else happens to be around when I put the box together.


  19. David Urena says

    My guesses:

    1. Jay Lake
    2. Jeffrey Thomas
    3. Alistair Rennie
    4. Sarah Monette
    5. Michael Moorcock
    6. Paul Di Fillipo
    7. Jeffrey Ford
    8. Leena Krohn
    9. K.J. Bishop

  20. Jen Karanga says

    1. Evenson
    2. Duncan
    3. Lake
    4. Monette
    5. Miéville
    6. Di Filippo
    7. Ford
    8. Krohn
    9. Bishop

  21. Toiya K. Finley says

    1. Duncan
    2. Moorcock
    3. Lake
    4. Monette
    5. Evenson
    6. Thomas
    7. Ford
    8. Krohn
    9. Bishop