Shriek: An Afterword in Trade Paperback

Jeff VanderMeer • July 24th, 2007 @ 6:59 am • News, Uncategorized

My novel Shriek: An Afterword is out in trade paperback from Tor as of today. In fact, I already saw it yesterday on the new tp table at my local Borders.

Originally published last year, Shriek made the year’s best lists of, The Austin Chronicle, The San Francisco Chronicle, SF Site, and several others, as well as getting a starred review in Publishers Weekly.

By the weekend, the Shriek movie will finally be online, featuring an original soundtrack from The Church. In addition, The Church will be releasing an internet downloadable album of the music and some additional materials within the next month. I’ll keep you posted with the details.

For excerpts, video, audio, and much more, visit the Shriek website. For more information on the book, visit the Tor website.

You can buy the book online at Amazon, among others.

Somehow that last statement resonates a lot more now that I’m living off of my writing. LOL.



“Like some delicious mashup of H.P. Lovecraft, Mervyn Peake, and Frank Baum, but with his own verbal dexterity and perverse ingenuity…An affecting narrative about love, art, sibling rivalry, commerce, history, and some really nasty ‘shrooms.” – The Washington Post

“Further established VanderMeer as the finest fantasist of his generation.” – The Austin Chronicle

“Bloody brilliant.” – Hal Duncan

2 Responses to “Shriek: An Afterword in Trade Paperback”

  1. Jen says:

    i just finished the (uk paperback version) of the book yesterday and i have to say it’s been a while since i ignored everybody for the sole purpose of finishing a book. don’t think my boyfriend was happy about it :P right now i’m rereading bits and piece of ‘city of saints and madmen’ (and still ignoring people). your announcement was a very nice coincidence :)

    just needed to share that.

  2. Nathan says:

    Doug Bradley to narrate Clive’s new novel “Mister B.Gone”
    Click on the link below for more info and also to see what looks
    likely to be the cover art for the U.S edition. Almost identical to
    the U.K version apart from the missing “by Jakabok”\

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