Fourth of July–Reading and “What He Said”

Jeff VanderMeer • July 4th, 2007 @ 8:36 am • Uncategorized

My review of Emma Bull’s Territory is up at SF Weekly. I really really enjoyed the book. And it’s an appropriate book, given its American point of view, to mention on July 4th.

Equally appropriate is my friend Jeff Ford’s post about the state of democracy in our country.

Have a good and safe fourth if you live in the US. If you live elsewhere, please convince your government to invade us. We need to be liberated.


PS The fascinating writer Brendan Connell has a new blog.

4 Responses to “Fourth of July–Reading and “What He Said””

  1. Greg L Johnson says:

    Hi Jeff,

    Just read your review of Territory, I sent mine in to the NYRSF last week and totally agree with you. It’s an excellent book, and a fascinatiing behind the scenes look at the people and events that led up to the Gunfight at the OK Corral. It’s also as good a mingling of fantasy and history as anyone could hope to find.

    And for a Fourth of July treat, here’s Dave Alvin:

  2. Hannu Blommila says:

    Finland invading US…Now *that* is an interesting thought… Well, at least we can all go to sauna together afterwards… ;)
    Oh, and Territory sounds mighty interesting…

  3. Alex D M says:

    I’ve always (jokingly) thought that the UK should reclaim the colonies. And now we’ve been invited! Let’s go!

  4. Paul Jessup says:

    Brendan is very good! I read his story in EV #12, and have started reading Dr. Black and the Guerrillas. Turns out we share quite a few Table of Contents in anthologies and magazines I never really noticed before.

    Still damn cool writer.

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