Smoking Bunny and World Fantasy (Madison)

In addition to sending the Alien Baby all over the world, we used to photograph people holding the Smoking Bunny. Most of these photos are from World Fantasy Con in Madison, Wisconsin, a couple of years back.

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World Travels

SF Museum

Over the last few years, we’ve visited a lot of places and people. Like, Therese, Brooke, and Jacob (geniuses all) at the SF Museum in Seattle. But also Australia, England, etc. Here are a few photos from those trips.

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The Romantic Underground at Infinity Plus

Regardless, the enduring properties of the Romantic Underground remain a lack of membership by those authors cited and a general lack of identifying characteristics. At first, reading between the lines of critical texts from the period — some from the infamous Yellow Book — the Romantic Underground apparently formed a “loose umbrella” around certain authors, attempting to provide a critical and imaginative landscape in which creativity could have free, albeit vague, reign. Authors being skittish at best, most apparently saw the umbrella as more of a trap and escaped without their names ever being connected to rumors of a vast but secret literary organization dedicated to the antithesis of anything popular, tidy, or, indeed, logical.

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Infinity Plus Fiction

Visit this Infinity Plus page for:

  • Dradin, In Love
  • Flight Is For Those Who Have Not Yet Crossed Over
  • Ghost in the Machine
  • A Heart for Lucretia
  • Mahout
  • Quin’s Shanghai Circus

Predator novel sold to Dark Horse

I’m writing a Predator novel for Dark Horse and editor Victoria Blake, from a detailed synopsis I provided to them. The novel is due in January 2008 and will be published in 2008. Set in the South China Sea, the novel features an ex-Khmer Rouge colonel, a Thai pirate, a huge transplanted African crocodile, and a Romanian crime boss, among other things. Oh, yes, and a Predator.

Alien Baby Photos

Alien Baby ThailandAB in FinlandAB with meerkatsAB in South PoleAB in ThomasAB at Epcot

Back a few years ago, I used to send this plastic alien baby figurine around the world, to writers and other interesting people. The alien baby visited KJ Bishop in Thailand, meerkats in California, musician Henry Kaiser at the South Pole, and many other places and people. The Alien Baby is more well-traveled than we are…

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Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore Reading

On Thursday, May 5, two days before my birthday, I’ll be doing a reading and signing at a bookstore, Mystery Galaxy, that I’ve always wanted to visit. Should be fun. I’ll read a little bit from Shriek, possibly some funny nonfiction about bad workshops, and we’ll all be drunk by the end of the night.

Attending the American Library Association convention in D.C.

Ann and I will be at ALA for a Tor author dinner and will be meeting many, many librarians. Look for us milling about in the convention area. If you’re going to be there and want to meet up, please contact me at vanderworld at