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    Interviews and Readings

    You can listen to me ramble on and on about stuff in not one but three podcast interviews.

    For readings and other audio, visit the Shriek website.


    In addition to the videos spotlighted below, you can find more interviews, grandson Riley footage, Mad Scientist Finncon coverage, and much else at our YouTube Channel.

    Riley, My Grandson…


    My little (huge, wrestler) grandson, Riley, is growing by leaps and bounds. Here are some early photos. (He’s six months old now, so I’ll post new photos soon…)

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    European Trip


    Last summer, we did a book tour of Europe: Portugal, France, Belgium (for the beer), Germany, Czech Republic, Romania, and Finland. In fact, the people above–Michael, Horia, Bogdan, Mireille, and Marius–are all part of Tritonic, my Romanian publisher. We had an amazing adventure everywhere we went.

    Australia Photos

    We had an amazing amount of fun in Australia, although the Brisbane photos seem to be missing. I was there for the Brisbane Writers Festival and we took some extra time for vacation.


    Cairns, Australia, Photos


    Sydney, Australia, Photos