iPhone Watch–and the Museum of Jurassic Technology

A nice day in LA with Ann’s son, Jason, who is a casting agent. (He cast Elizabethtown and also casts NCSI.) The photos below are first from weirdos waiting in line for the iPhone in the Grove near the Farmer’s Market. And then photos from the Museum of Jurassic Technology, which was waay weird and cool. I scored a copy of Nabokov’s Russian translation of Alice in Wonderland and Alexander Thoroux’s The Secondary Colors. As well as a Museum pin for my label. (The last photo is of the back door of the museum, suddenly open and revealing something prosaic!) Going out for sushi tonight and then to a beer bar.

I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about Clarion and how to approach the first couple days of the workshop. I think I’ve got it all down now and despite June being the busiest month I’ve ever had, I’m prepped and ready and excited about it. On Sunday, we drive down to San Diego to meet with the first week’s instructor, Gregory Frost, and then it all starts Monday. Some very talented students in this year’s Clarion, and from all accounts, very curious, energetic, and driven.


  1. says

    that would be wonderful to have on a cv/resume, “employed by the Museum of Jurassic Technology”

  2. Eric Schaller says

    The MJT! Quite jealous that you got to go there–a place that I have always wanted to see. Closest I’ve got is several years ago at a commencement address for a small art school in Vermont, given by the guy who started the MJT.–Eric