ALA Conference Teaser

So Saturday afternoon I’ll be giving a talk along with John Scalzi and Steve Erickson at the ALA conference. Here’s a teaser of what I’ll be doing…


P.S. A friend of Jay Lake’s created this livejournal feed for my new blog…


Right here at the beginning. I have to admit something.  Confess something.

That I’ve been known to make things up.

That I’ve been know to tell a tall tale or two.

That I’ve been known to sacrifice fact to fiction.

I know. It seems far-fetched doesn’t it? Given my profession.

But bear with me. I’m going somewhere with this.

Now, as some of you may know, a few of my books are set in an imaginary city called Ambergris. And in Ambergris there is a celebration called the Festival of the Freshwater Squid. It’s a big deal. A shindig. A veritable cornucopia of the senses. Goes on all night. With any luck, the city’s not half on fire by the morning.

I wrote about the Festival for years without anything particularly odd happening. What did happen tended to fall into one of three categories.

Category the first.

Dried squid. Tons of it. Acres of it. More dried squid than there are undried squid.

[followed by lots of squid and non-squid stuff…]


  1. says

    Sorry, but are you saying that people sent you lots and lots of dried and undried squid, or did that squid just insinuate itself into your life? I’m very legitimately asking about this, because it determines whether the next package I send your way gets you to giggling or gets you into a vehicle to drive out this way and beat me to death with a bowling trophy.