Predator novel sold to Dark Horse

I’m writing a Predator novel for Dark Horse and editor Victoria Blake, from a detailed synopsis I provided to them. The novel is due in January 2008 and will be published in 2008. Set in the South China Sea, the novel features an ex-Khmer Rouge colonel, a Thai pirate, a huge transplanted African crocodile, and a Romanian crime boss, among other things. Oh, yes, and a Predator.


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    Hi Jeff,

    should I say congrats? If I ever read a ‘Predator’ novel, it will be yours, of course. But writing books like this has its price, as you probably know. Talk to Liz Hand, she can tell you. On the other hand, I had the honor to translate Sean Stewart’s wonderful ‘Yoda’ novel (of all things), which shows that you can sell out without compromiing your artistic integrity. From you I do not expect anything less — and maybe someday soon, I’ll translate a ‘Pradator’ book ;-)

    Best — Hannes

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    Not sure I agree with that phrasing… fuck selling out. Welcome to the club of good writers writing well-distributed books! (… not that I’m in that club, but y’know… Karen Traviss, Matt Stover and Sean Stewart are good company by all accounts. Ha.)

    Congratulations on the sale, Jeff, and on the new website. I dig it.