Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore Reading

Jeff VanderMeer • June 11th, 2007 @ 7:34 pm • Events

On Thursday, May 5, two days before my birthday, I’ll be doing a reading and signing at a bookstore, Mystery Galaxy, that I’ve always wanted to visit. Should be fun. I’ll read a little bit from Shriek, possibly some funny nonfiction about bad workshops, and we’ll all be drunk by the end of the night.

One Response to “Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore Reading”

  1. Grimalkin says:

    Is your birthday in May or in July? Mine was in May, but I live in San Diego, not far from Mysterious Galaxy, and I would love to attend, if it’s really on 07-05-07 and not a time travel situation. Recently read my very first Jeff VanderMeer in the Slipstream Anthology, Feeling Very Strange. I’m a fan of fungi.

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